Adolescent Therapy at Livesprings Psychotherapy: Fostering Growth and Resilience

Navigating the complexities of growing up can be challenging, but at Livesprings Psychotherapy in Newport Beach, we provide a nurturing space for children and teenagers to thrive.

Our Philosophy:

In the realm of Livesprings Psychotherapy, we aspire to be the trusted allies for children and teens—an empathetic refuge where they feel heard and understood in a world that may seem perplexing. Our primary goal is to establish trust and connection through our child and adolescent therapy, fostering an environment where they can freely express their thoughts and concerns. Together, we celebrate joys, face challenges, and equip them with the skills necessary to navigate life’s inevitable uncertainties. We share your vision of nurturing resilient, resourceful, and content individuals, even if the journey may appear distant. Moreover, we honor the existing relationships you’ve built with them and stand by you as a pillar of support.

A Special Message to Parents:

Recognizing the profound desires every parent harbors for their child’s well-being and success, we acknowledge the mix of love and concern that accompanies the journey of parenting. While parenting books offer guidance, each child is unique, and every family has its dynamics. In our child and adolescent therapy at Livesprings Psychotherapy, we work individually with children, encouraging them to open up about their challenges and providing strategies to build resilience and confidence.

Key Specialties:

  • Early Detection and Support: Identifying autism spectrum and neurodevelopmental disorders, including learning disorders and ADD/ADHD, through thorough testing and evaluation.
  • Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA): Understanding each child’s behavior through ABA principles.
  • Pediatric Medical-Psychology Services: Providing support for children dealing with medical illnesses or injuries.
  • Evidence-Based Treatments: Expertise in evidence-based approaches such as behavioral therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), trauma-focused cognitive-behavioral therapy (TF-CBT), dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), social skills training, biofeedback, gradual exposure therapy, mindfulness-based therapy, parent-child interactive therapy (PCIT), art therapy, and play therapy.
  • Educational Consulting and Advocacy: Ensuring that every child is afforded a fair opportunity to learn.

Connect with a Child and Adolescent Therapist at Livesprings Psychotherapy:

Our compassionate professionals at Livesprings Psychotherapy are prepared to guide you through the therapeutic process.