Embrace change. Transform your life. Find your springs of resilience.

Welcome to Livesprings Psychotherapy, where we offer compassionate listening and practical tools for meaningful change in your life.

You are worthy of a life brimming with love, joy, and satisfaction. Our dedication is to assist you in discovering and embracing it.

Live Springs Psychotherapy stands as the leading hub for therapy and psychological assessment in Kenya.

We deliver top-notch mental health care, grounded in science, compassion, and genuine concern, catering to adults, children, couples, and families. Our experienced therapists ensure you feel welcomed, understood, accepted, and empowered as you journey toward a well-lived life.

Therapy Services Available

Therapy for Adults

You should hear yourself talk. (You’ll feel so much better)

Therapy for Couples

Lasting love takes work. Those who succeed know they don’t have to do that work alone.

Therapy for Teens

No one ever said growing up is easy. That doesn’t mean it has to be hard.

Psychological assessment

The first step to solving any problem is identifying it.

Forensic Psychology

Psychological evaluations, consultation, and expert testimony pertaining to legal matters.

Virtual Therapy

Continued Support, From the Comfort of Your Own Space

Whether in-person or online, we’re here and ready to assist you.

Driven by core values


Steering clear of fad treatments devoid of research support is not just about preserving your time and money; it’s safeguarding your well-being. Our commitment is to stay abreast of the latest research, ensuring that we offer our clients the most reliable and effective therapies available today.


We transcend being merely a team; we are a tightly-knit family. Our journey of study, training, and practice has been a collective effort, creating a space where authenticity thrives. Your victories are our celebrations, your losses are shared burdens, and the joy of participating in your lives is our privilege. Without you, there is no “us.”


Being entrusted with the role of a therapist is a profound responsibility. By inviting us into your life, you invest not only in our insight and guidance but also in the essence of who we are. We value this trust immensely and have curated a team of providers who excel not only in their professional skills but also in the integrity of their character.

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