Live Springs Psychotherapy Services was founded in 2019, and we have accomplished so much over the years. Our goal has always been to create a world where mental health support is easily accessible.

Our Founder and CEO, Sylvia Mita, was inspired to start this company through her patients who highlighted the scarcity of holistic mental health providers specifically aimed at the youth.

At Live Springs Psychotherapy, we empower our community to normalize mental health challenges and seek professional support.



Our mission is to provide counseling services to adolescents, adults, and families from diverse backgrounds and varying socio-economic contexts. We consider it a privilege to walk alongside our patients as they navigate the uncertainties and challenges of life. In the midst of their present circumstances and challenges, we offer support to our clients with care and compassion. It is through our strong, therapeutic connection that clients become empowered to move ahead in a healthy and resilient manner.


To provide effective psychological assessment and intervention that results in a community where people experience wellness, acceptance, and a sense of belonging.

Core Values


We strongly uphold moral and ethical principles in our daily practice and in the delivery of services. Our patients entrust their wellness to our professional care and expect to be treated, and to receive treatment, in a manner that honors professional codes and standards.


We embrace and uphold these attributes throughout our practice of service, as our patients’ well-being is foremost in the minds and hearts of everyone associated with Live Springs Psychotherapy.


We approach our work with a desire to understand and help our patients gain insight into who they are and why they are hurting. We do not see our patients as problems to be solved—rather, as people living out dynamic and important stories. We look beyond diagnoses and symptom management, genuinely interested in getting to know our patients and the perspectives from which they approach life.


We value our patients’ well-being and strive to provide a professional and friendly atmosphere in which they feel welcome and trusting—an environment conducive to the sensitive nature of their needs and to the settings in which our professionals provide treatment to meet those needs.